Oeiras TH

Oeiras Golf Townhouses

The properties integrate the Oeiras Golf development. The prime location offers a fresh blend of contemporary architecture and nature.

Adjacent to Oeiras Golf, the development is comprised of 21 townhouses, each built on a 300m2 property with a gross floor area of 260m2 spread over three floors, which include social spaces, five bedrooms and a habitable open-space attic. With two garden areas, an inner courtyard and two spacious terraces, the houses are a standing invitation to relish the tranquility that stems from a seamless combination of modern architecture and nature, providing an exclusive, comfortable and safe environment to live in.
The development is part of a wider 112-acre property with excellent access, comprising about five hundred houses. The property is well located and enjoys easy access to multiple services, as well as retail and leisure areas, awarding it an above-average level of proximity and comfort.

ALCH Capital human resources policy focus on detecting and integrating both young talent and experienced professionals. The company different teams benefit from a flat structure with an aim on multidisciplinary knowledge sharing and consistent learning initiatives. Real Estate related professionals looking for new challenges are incited to engage in further contact.

Oeiras TH





260 sqm